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. especially gambling. A whole nutmeg makes a nifty Jovian good-luck charm,. especially gambling. A whole nutmeg makes a nifty Jovian good-luck charm,.Spiritual Spells: lessons in folk magic and spell casting from an eclectic Wiccan perspective, plus shopping.Wiccan Gambling and Lottery Spell This spell is used to draw money towards you when gambling or playing the lottery. Draw money and luck towards me.Lucky Mojo Site Map: the home page for the whole Lucky Mojo electron-pile.Slots of Vegas is here to tell you how to improve your luck in gambling, and it involves adding some important features to your gambling space, also known as your home.Satan Service: an archive presenting the theory, practice, and history of Satanism and Satanists.

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Lucky Mojo Forum. Spiritual supplies. I once heard that its good gambling luck to dress a lottery ticket or a racing form. Or we might put the charm in a red.Because of this admiration, alligator teeth often ended up as an important ingredient in gris-gris bags.Playing Cards Charm:Worn as a talisman on an American charm bracelet.

Free Love Spell Archive: love spells, attraction spells, sex magick, romance spells, and lust spells.Lucky Mojo Videos: see video tours of the Lucky Mojo shop and get a glimpse of the spirit train.Dream books specifically designed for lottery play may provide interpretations of dreams.They are willing to look into the future of your love life, but the future of your luck life -- your fortune -- is not part of their cultural repertoire.

The Devil begged Dunstan to remove it, and Dunstan only agreed after the Devil promised never to enter a dwelling with a horseshoe nailed above the door.John the Conqueror -- dress your money and carry a dressed root in your pocket.The Lucky Mojo Esoteric Archive: captured internet text files on occult and spiritual topics.Garden of Joy Blues: former 80 acre hippie commune near Birch Tree in the Missouri Ozarks.Order Lucky Mojo Conjure Oils from the Lucky Mojo Curio Company.Alternatively (or additionally) you can consult a numerologist or numerological bibliomancer.Lucky Mojo Publishing: practical spell books on world-wide folk magic and divination.Bat Heart: Wrapped in red silk cloth and worn on the left arm or in the armpit.

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Mystic Tea Room: tea leaf reading, teacup divination, and a museum of antique fortune telling cups.Perhaps the most famous, and the best, of gambling charms is the.The Feng Shui of Gambling. Lucky charms such as. A toe nail of any animal – carrying a toe nail of any animal as per the myth would bring good luck to the.Candles and Curios: essays and articles on traditional African American conjure and folk magic, plus shopping.Oak was believed to be the king of all trees, and because of this it came to symbolize power, strength, and perseverance in the face of adversity.Black Cat: The famous Black Cat Bone is used to rule a love or for invisibility.Yronwode Home: personal pages of catherine yronwode and nagasiva yronwode, magical archivists.

It’s true! Good Luck Charms Really DO Sometimes Help People Win Money Gambling! If you like to gamble, whether you visit a casino, go to the horse track, play Bingo.Number 7: Always a lucky number, and an image of the numeral is worn as a charm.Free Gambling Luck Spell Archive: lucky gambling spells for the lottery, casinos, and races.Fit to Print: collected weekly columns about comics and pop culture by cat yronwode.GAMBLING LUCKY CHARM - INCREASE YOUR SUCCESS & WINNING IN GAMBLING!. Wearing this will help promote GOOD FORTUNE & LUCK in your Gambling endeavors.

Horseshoes were originally made of iron, a material that was believed to ward off evil spirits and was considered sacred, strong, and powerful due to the fact that it could withstand fire without burning or melting.If you want to win, and win big, let the Lady Luck Amulet take you by the hand and lead you to winnings you never thought possible.The tale says that when Saint Dunstan was a blacksmith, the Devil came to him and asked him to shoe his horse.Alkanet Root Bark: To prevent jealous losers from jinxing you or your winnings.

Lady Luck Spiritual Supplies: A special scent worn by lady bettors and gamblers, not by men.Herb Magic: complete line of Lucky Mojo Herbs, Minerals, and Zoological Curios, with sample spells.

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Lucky Mojo Usenet FAQ Archive:FAQs and REFs for occult and magical usenet newsgroups.For those who play the numbers regularly, steadily, and often, the numbers themselves.Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour Radio Show: learn free magic spells via podcast download.Hoodoo and Blues Lyrics: transcriptions of blues songs about African-American folk magic.When you walk across the threshold after a long day of work, the good luck from the horseshoe will surely show in your online gambling.All the Pages: descriptive named links to about 1,000 top-level Lucky Mojo web pages.

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Hoodoo Conjure Training Workshops: hands-on rootwork classes, lectures, and seminars.Because of its symbolism for bringing wealth and success, the maneki-neko is a perfect good luck charm for gambling.Then please click on the Paypal Secure Server logo and make a small.When it comes to gambling, some people often believe that certain objects or rituals will bring them luck and help them win big at the casino!.The books in this list include the most famous and popular of the many run-down.